Facebook Check-In Automate

Facebook Check-Ins Provide a Ton of Valuable Information About Your Location

To start, Facebook Check-Ins provide all the information a potential first-time visitor would require - your location, ratings, and a link to your Facebook page for more details. If a check-in is viewed on mobile, clicking the map will even bring up driving directions. More importantly, Facebook Check-Ins serve as a personal referral from one friend to another. The single most effective way to get a new member through the door is a personal ask. By checking-in, a Facebook user is making a point of telling her friends where she is. And people don't take the time to share a place they've visited unless they think their friends are interested. That's a far more valuable recommendation than any form of advertising could provide, simply because it's coming from your community rather than directly from you.

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Facebook Check-Ins Are Typically Seen By At Least 150 Friends, If Not Many More

This is arguably the most valuable thing about Facebook check-ins - they are typically seen by at least 150 friends of the person checking in! Often times it's much more; we've seen as many as 600 impressions from a single Facebook check-in.

This means that when someone checks-in at your location, they're telling hundreds of their friends where they are and recommending your church in the process - taking "inviting" friends to church to a whole new level! It's because of this fact that Facebook check-ins are easily the most powerful way a to encourage word of mouth growth.

Facebook Check-Ins Provide a Rich Experience That Highlights Friends Who Have Been There

The check-in experience doesn't end after the initial post; Facebook also highlights photos of friends who've been there, reviews they've made, other relevant locations nearby, and even photos from your Facebook page.